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Tree (») | 6. 4. 2011 | přečteno: 1305× | komentáře: 0
tree-icon.pngEvery day i see a lot of trees. Even when i sit down becose of flu. Trees are growing around my block of flats. I loved one tree, he grown under my window, it was apple tree, my grandmother planted it. Best times was when i heard leaves whiring, it was so soothing and soporific. In Spring and summer i had a lot of tasty apples. birds came visit me and i gave them some food... Unfortunately some bad people wanted cut the tree. They said that my tree is lifting foundation walls. I am sure they lied. One family living above us it caused. They told authorities that cancels the singing of birds.... číst dál
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River (») | 5. 4. 2011 | přečteno: 1345× | komentáře: 0
little-river-waterfall-photo.jpgRiver. I would characterize it as a life vein. Already our ancestors built a city predominantly in the rivers. They do not have to walk for water. The whole world is interwoven by rivers, and where they aren´t, life is non-blooming . Can be hard to find water in the desert, the river can not be described. Lots of people around the world dying for lack of drinking water. Unfortunately, some people do not learn and they  are releasing dangerous substances into the rivers which often threaten or destroy the entire ecosystem, despite the strict prohibition. This sort of people should teach a lo... číst dál
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Star (») | 5. 4. 2011 | přečteno: 3001× | komentáře: 0
yellow-star.jpgEvery night, really dark night, i am watching starry sky. It´s amazing how many stars i can see. It must be  very very more than humans on Earth... And maybe somewhere is a planet with beings like we are, maybe they watch stars too. Maybe they think the same as me. What if they have binoculars and see our Galaxy? I think it´s only in my dreams and Sci-fi. But perhaps i will be suprised by stellar spacecraft flying across the starry sky. číst dál
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Teddy bear

teddy-bear.gifI remember on my first toy, it was a box with cubes (something like puzzle). I played with it a lot. My first cuddly toy was teddy bear. I named him Boris. He was brown and his eyes was big and black - shone like beads. I made a bed from old box for my cuddly friend. I think he was happy as me, when i gave him first good night. It is sad i lost my teddy bear. However, be sure he remember on me sometimes in the heaven for teddy bears. číst dál
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Lamp in the dark night... (») | 23. 3. 2011 | přečteno: 1024× | komentáře: 0
street-lights-glow-by-vizionary.jpgOften when I look out the window at night on the street, i see one small lamp shining on glossy dark granite cubes. Most people today who have already crossed that street are sleeping or continue in their life story. Their stories must be so interesting. I seen a wild dog today, I felt sorry for him. Not all stories are happy, but it´s a life. Sometimes an accident happen and a story of someone will end. But dont hang your head, all those happy couples of young people will create many new and interesting stories and who knows. Maybe i will even see them cross the street. číst dál
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new-alice-in-wonderland-mia-wasikowska-photoshoot-alice-in-wonderland-2010-10340861-1183-1450.jpgI dreamed a lot about visiting a Wonderland. I have seen a great movie from director Tim burton - Alice in Wonderland (I Love Mia, but that not important). it´s a magical imaginary world with Queen of Hearts and White Queen. Red Queen dethroned white queen and raised tyranny. White Rabbit leads Alice into Wonderland, to help restore order and prevent destruction of the country. Alice finally take off the dragon's head and go home. Most wonderful actor for me is Alice Kingsley ( Mia Wahikowska) and Hatter (Johny Depp). číst dál
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Having a great time when raining (») | 21. 3. 2011 | přečteno: 1151× | komentáře: 0
rain2.jpgI must tell you something... i love rain - but not cold and strong rain with storm. I like normal summer rain, drops of water run down my face and i feel great. night rain is awesome too, drops knocked on the window sill help me fall asleep. I think rain is great, but don´t forget to bring an umbrella :) číst dál
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Welcome to my new and first blog in English language. my mate baldur told me that i should try write a blog in English so i am here ´=) I will write about games, my personal life and maybe something more. I am glad you are reading this, i hope you will like my blog like i do. I wish all my friend have a great time while reading my stories and posts :) Bye! číst dál