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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (») | 6. 4. 2011 | přečteno: 643× | komentáře: 0
224807.jpgGroup of actors are heading to the Virginia woods make new reality show under lead of director Murphy. It should be a great family reality show in Postapocalyptic world. But horror movies are not the peaceful, yea? In the Virginia woods lives family - You sure think it´s nothing bad, but near the wood is old factory full of acides and toxic liquids. it contaminated water source, but that family drink that water by long time. They changed in the mutants. No animals live in Virginia woods, so that family hunt turists. Movie makers and actors become hunted by mutants and who was catched died i... číst dál
Zaujalo mě : = eet zdarma a online


new-alice-in-wonderland-mia-wasikowska-photoshoot-alice-in-wonderland-2010-10340861-1183-1450.jpgI dreamed a lot about visiting a Wonderland. I have seen a great movie from director Tim burton - Alice in Wonderland (I Love Mia, but that not important). it´s a magical imaginary world with Queen of Hearts and White Queen. Red Queen dethroned white queen and raised tyranny. White Rabbit leads Alice into Wonderland, to help restore order and prevent destruction of the country. Alice finally take off the dragon's head and go home. Most wonderful actor for me is Alice Kingsley ( Mia Wahikowska) and Hatter (Johny Depp). číst dál